Revitalizing love, purification, prosperity, insomnia, immune stimulator, acute infections, lymph, metabolic processes purifies blood, liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen bladder and circulation.

I believe that precious stones have a unique healing power ...
                                                                  ...  Lisa

A "Feel Better" Stone. Good for general mental health and healing.
Physical: Good for the health of the spleen and heart.
Emotional: Good for mental balance, self acceptance and acceptance of others. Helps anxiety, depression, fear, neurotic patterns, stress and broken heart.
Ruby in Fushite

Good for making right choices.
Physical: Good for the health of the heart, spine and muscles. Helps carpal tunnel syndrome and skin conditions (especially exzema). Aids physical recovery.
Emotional/Spiritual: Good for calming.

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Red and White Calcite

Physical: Calms physical energy. Good for ADHD. Good for kidneys and liver.
Emotional/Spiritual:  Grounding, helps anxiety, panic attacks and OCD.

Good for memory, intelect, and making choices. Purifies body, mind and spirit. Brings good luck to "Warriors".
Physical: Good for detoxing and the health of your throat, heart, kidneys and bladder. Helps acne, bacterial infection, and post operative healing.
Emotional/Spiritual:  Good for calming and yin/yang balance. Helps abuse, negativity and emotional blockages.

Good for learning, studying, change and awareness.
Physical: Good for digestion and the nerves. Usefull during child birth. Helps tendenitis, cramps, constipation, erratic heartbeat, addiction and wrinkles.
Emotional/Spiritual: Calming. Helps distress, depression, stess and related conditions, addictive personalities and transitions such as death.

A "Money Stone" that brings abundance and wealth. Good for decision making, learning, teaching, studying, creativity, awareness, writing, problem-solving, and new beginnings. Also a "Feel Better" Stone.  Helps to sell houses.
Physical: Good for the digestive system and all related disorders.  Also good for the eye sight, the heart, kidneys, thyroid, thymus and liver. Helps anemia, vomiting and detoxing.
Emotional/Spiritual: Good for relationships, self-esteem, aura work and getting rid of emotional toxins.

Protects travelers. Good for brain and intellect. Helps study, communications and courage. Builds tolerance and responsibility.
Physical: Good for the kidneys, lymph, body fluids, blood, teeth and eyes. Helps swollen glands, water retention and swelling. Improves eyesight.
Emotional/Spiritual: Brings calm, compassion, spiritual awareness. Helps judgemental attitude. Good for centering and meditation.

Azerite - Good for blood strength and the nervous system. Helps arthritis.
Physical: Good for digestion, metabolism, the hips, joints, pancreas, lungs, thyroid, and muscles. Helps breathing and the oxidation of the blood. Promotes healthy insullin production and blood glucose levels. Prevents ulcers. Helps arthtitis, rhrumatism, period pain, PMS, high blood pressure, diabetes, restless leg syndrome, blood disorders such as leukemia and lung conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.
Chrysolla - A "Feel Better" Stone that is good for creativity, sexuality and revitalizing relationships.
Azerite - Good for expressing feelings, thought and psyphic information. Brings compassion and emphathy.
Chrysolla - Good for stress, phobias, tension and guilt.

Physical: Good for fertility, pregnancy, and the health of the fetus.

Emotional/Spiritual: Good for the emotions. Connects the base and heart chakras. Helps yin/yang balance and grief, especially for the loss of a dream, idea or goal.

Good for perserverance, mental stamina, the singing voice and communication.
Physical: Good for the throat, muscles, neurological system, glands and brain.
Emotional/Spiritual: Brings calm, and tranquility. Aligns Chakras, freeing energy blocks and connecting with spirit guides.

Revitalizing love, purification, prosperity, insomnia, immune stimulator, acute infections, lymph, metabolic processes purifies blood, liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen bladder and circulation.


AQUAMARINE with Watermelon Tourmaline beads--Pollutants, stress, fear, sore throat swollen glands thyroid, pituitary hormones eyes, jaw and teeth, near or far sightedness, stomach, immune system, auto immune system.
Watermelon Tourmaline
Good for yin yang balance, works with the heart and higher chakras, relieves stress, offers enhanced physical healing, helps lessen depression.


Detoxifies the liver and gall bladder, stress, insomnia, allergies, eyes, circulatory diseases, blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, swollen joints, travel sickness, tumors, optic nerve, pancreas, diabetes, parathyroid and immune system.